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Oral_History_planning - 6 My grandmothers life changed when...

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E VALUATING P OINT S ENTENCES Directions: Read the following sentences, and decide if they are strong POINT sentences: Are they facts or opinions? (facts do not make good point sentences!) Do they give you a clear idea what the rest of the paragraph will be about? Based on the sentence, what do you expect the rest of the paragraph to be about? If they are not strong enough yet, explain how they could be improved? Try to “think like a teacher. What would you imagine a teacher’s feedback would be?. 1. Raymond was born in New York’s Harlem district in 1942. 2. My mother and her two brothers attended the same school, called “Escuela de la Mesa.” 3. To truly understand New Orleans and the people of the city, you must understand how the city was created. 4. My mother described her experiences in Mexico before she immigrated and explained that she came from a poor family in small rural area. 5. When my father was 11, his own father died.
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Unformatted text preview: 6. My grandmothers life changed when her husband went to fight in Vietnam. Planning for Your Oral History Paper Read the assignment sheet and copy down below the instructions for a possible thesis: Based on the assignment sheet and the sample essays you looked at: In your own words, list out What you SHOULD be sure to do for this essay : What you SHOULD NOT do: Outline: (due on Wed 10/5) Complete the following worksheet for your outline. Based on your free-write and review of your interview notes, come up with a tentative thesis ( your overall main point for this essay): Your tentative thesis: Now decide how you will organize the body paragraphs: What will it be about? (topic) What will be your POINT sentence for this paragraph? Remember to write a complete sentence that clearly tells the reader what point you are making in this paragraph: Body par 1 Body par 2 Body par 3 Body par 4...
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Oral_History_planning - 6 My grandmothers life changed when...

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