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Homework due on Wed 11/2: Remember we are meeting in the library at 8:10. PLEASE MAKE EVERY EFFORT TO BE ON TIME SINCE THE LIBRARIAN IS TAKING TIME OUT TO DO THIS WORKSHOP FOR US AND MUST START ON-TIME. 1. read (and annotate) the Herbert Kohl article. Then do the following: The rest of the assignment should be typed. If you cannot print it then you may upload it to TURN IT ON.COM instead. 2. Write a one paragraph summary (typed): include topic, author’s thesis, and describe the important supporting points (details)from the article. You should be paraphrasing all of this . (refer to page _____ in your course reader for more information on how to do an accurate, academic summary) 3. At the top of the summary provide a MLA citation for this text as if you were including it in a works cited page. 4. Then find 3 quotes (1-3 sentences long) that you consider significant in some way. Provide a paraphrase and commentary for each one by following this format: (typed) Kohl writes, “______ copy quote _________” (provide in-text citation).
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