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E SSAY 3: T HEMATIC A NALYSIS OF T HE C OLOR O F W ATER Background : As we have been reading the memoir, The Color of Water, we have been practicing the skill of close analysis. You have chosen passages that you consider important, and examined those passages closely, making inferences, interpreting, and decoding figurative language used. For this essay, you will put those skills to use to illustrate one significant theme from the memoir. Task : ILLUSTRATE a significant theme from the memoir through close analysis of 3-4 passages from the text. You must state your interpretation of a significant theme ( i.e. how and/or why it plays a crucial role in the text ), and use your essay to show the reader why the passages you have chosen are the best examples of that theme. Remember, a theme is… a general idea that the writer wishes to express. The writer asserts the theme through repetition and emphasis. Refer to the list of themes we brainstormed in class. Criteria for Success Use the introduction as a place to establish what the memoir is about. Imagine a reader who may not have read this text and so may not be aware of the individuals or events you refer to in your paper. Offer a clear, strong thesis in the introduction that states your interpretation of your chosen theme. Your body paragraphs must contain the PIE elements. This means each body paragraph should have a clear and purposeful POINT, concrete and specific INFORMATION, and thoughtful and analytical EXPLANATION. Your essay must be comprised of at least 3-4 body paragraphs, each focusing on one passage that
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