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Citation Practice Each team will focus on one item on this list. For that source, you will need to do create: a) a complete citation that would go in a “Works Cited” page and b) an in-text citation that you would use directly in the sentence after quoting or paraphrasing from that source in your paper. Refer to the handouts I gave on citations and your course reader handout on in-text citations. Be very careful about capitalization, punctuation, underlining, italicizing. For correct citations, you must do all of that EXACTLY as described. Imagine the following is your source; how would you do the citations for it? 1. an interview (the person one of you did your oral history on) 2. chapter 13 from the book Alison uses in her other section of Hist 245, called Doing Race . Find the book on reserve at the library (ask at the desk for it) in order to get all the information you need. 3. The film “Walkout!” (go the Cañada library website catalogue and look up the film to get the
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Unformatted text preview: information you need OR go the desk at the library and get the actual dvd which is held on reserve behind the desk: just ask for it). 4. Your history textbook(entire book). If you don’t have your copy of this with you, ask for a copy at the desk at the library. It’s on reserve under Alison’s name. You need the book to find all the information you need. 5. print article (Kiran will give you one) 6. website (entire) : use of the ones you investigated when we did our “website comparison” activity in the library (looking at website credibility) 7. online newspaper article: search “dream act” in google and find the newspaper article titled “Jerry Brown signs DREAM Act for illegal immigrants” then create a citation for that newspaper article. 8. web journal article: Go to this link to find this source.
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