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History/English/Reading RESEARCH PROJECT Fall 2011 Field/Malavade OVERVIEW: As part of a group, you will conduct research into a topic relating to Civil Rights Era activist groups. You will choose one of the topics listed below. There are three main graded components: a group annotated bibliography (5%), group presentation (5%) and an independent reflective essay (10%). Below is a list of historical activists to choose from. 1. Dolores Huerta and Farmworker activists 2. Brown Berets 3. Young Lords 4. The Black Panthers 5. American Indian Movement 6. SNCC (Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee) Group Dynamics: There are many benefits to working as part of a group; sometimes there are also significant challenges! It will be up to your group members to decide how you want to work together. Please be respectful and considerate as you develop your working relationships. Some of you may be full time students with on- campus jobs, who have time to meet outside of class. Others of you are paying a babysitter by the hour and must rush home immediately after class. Do your best to divide up the work fairly and accommodate group members’ various needs. There will be several in-class meetings (see schedule and due dates below), so be aware of these dates and remember that your group-mates are counting on you to be there and be prepared. The Group Grade: As you work with your group on this research project, you will keep official notes from group meetings and track who agrees to do what work. For most, perhaps all, each individual group member will earn the same group grade. However, if one or more group members do not participate or complete the work that they agreed to, then the group grade may be differentiated, with some individuals earning more points than others. YOUR RESEARCH SOURCES: This is a college-level historical research project, so we anticipate that you will read both deeply and broadly and that your sources will be academically appropriate . Also, as you read, you will take accurate and ample notes, avoiding plagiarism and keeping track of the sources as you do so. As a general guideline, we expect that each individual will read and take notes on a minimum equivalent to: one in- depth (20-30 pages) academic article from a peer-reviewed journal such as the The American Historical Review , plus at least one chapter in a book and an in-depth website or second article or book. That’s a minimum of three
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245LCFall11ResearchAssign - History/English/Reading...

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