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Objectives Summary - The culmination of my cultural...

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an Investor Relations Support Administrator at Citco Fund Services, the largest hedge fund administrator in the world. This experience allowed me to explore my educational background while furthering my insight into daily Irish life. I laid out goals for my experience, given the immense opportunity that I had been presented with. Looking back on my internship I can say that the past few months exceeded my objectives and what I learned will not only influence my academic career but has given me a more global social perspective and brought about skills that will carry with me in all my future endeavors. For the first couple months that I was studying at UCD before work began I learned to live amidst the significant culture shocks that Ireland gave me. I had never been to Europe before this experience and I came to find the many ways in which Ireland contrasted to the United States. From the fashion to the transportation to the general pace of life, I shifted my lifestyle from what I had been accustomed to living. One significant barrier that I hoped would be overcome by my internship was to become more adapted into this Irish culture. Throughout the semester I did not get the consistent interaction with the Irish that would facilitate this process. So, going into my first day of work I knew an objective of mine was to learn the daily way of life here to the point where I would become a productive employee despite being a foreigner in the workplace. I aimed to do this by speaking with a wide range of Irish people as often as I could. Even though English is spoken in Ireland, the dialects even by county vary significantly and as an American it was something that I aimed to improve by familiarizing myself with all ranges of people. Another means to this objective that I saw would be to use the telephone as much as possible, again increasing my interaction and improving my complete immersion into the culture. Finally, while at work I would put myself in as many social situations as possible, forcing myself to learn about these people and become comfortable in this new environment. As my internship with Citco draws to a close I would say that I achieved my first objective, just through slightly different tactics than I originally planned out. As an intern I simply did not have the background knowledge of particular hedge funds necessary to answer investor questions over the phone. However, this was balanced by constant colleague interaction each and every day. The American job culture seems to reward individual work and many times promotes people to make their own success. This mentality was not what I found in Ireland, as everyone was more than receptive to any question that I had. Despite having large workloads
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Objectives Summary - The culmination of my cultural...

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