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SWOT Analysis - Having the opportunity to spend five months...

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Having the opportunity to spend five months in Ireland allowed me to immerse myself in a culture that appeared vastly foreign to my own despite the apparent similarities. Concurrently I was provided with a deep understanding of another way of life. However, studying at a university for the first segment of my experience could not provide a holistic sense of this unique environment. As Investor Relations Support Administrator for Citco Fund Services I gained exposure to a firm that mirrored my academic studies while experiencing the true routine of an Irish citizen. While the company had its faults, I was rewarded with far more than an addition to my resume. More than the actual employment, working in Ireland gave me the truest sense of a complete study abroad experience. Over the course of seven weeks I became a part of Citco Fund Services, the largest hedge fund administrator in the world. Administrators offer a wide range of services for hedge funds, ranging from valuation to financial reporting to legal work. The recent global recession has led to legislation tightening the internal capabilities of hedge funds, creating a bigger demand for administrators. Citco itself manages the greatest value of assets than any other administrator in the world. I had the opportunity to work in the investor relations department of Citco, one of many facets of the firm. The department processes the requests of investors and assures that these demands are properly met. My job was to aid in any project that helped reach this goal. Although some of the work was what would be expected at the internship level, the majority of my contribution was truly applicable and similar to that of full-time staff. From updating databases to adjusting trade records, I faced a wide range of tasks and was able to see many sides of the administration process. My work began with the assignment of updating all of the trade records that my team worked on with information from the company’s recently transitioned to proprietary software. Although very much busy work, my input would lead to more efficient processing of these trades for as far forward as they reached. I then moved into a larger role in the company’s transition into their internally developed “Aexeo Investor” software, the first comprehensive database that united back-end and front-end operations. Finally, I was taught a step in the administrative process that was a duty of every member of the Investor Relations team. The various requests of the investors’ funds go through Citco’s office in Singapore before coming to Dublin. My job was to take these requests and the appropriate sources of information and assuring that they aligned with the interests of the investor. Every day I faced interesting work and learned new aspects of
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the administrative process, a service I only came to know in Ireland. Whatever the task, I had a significant impact on the company and significantly gained from the experience.
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