The Great Migrations

The Great Migrations - admitted increasing numbers into...

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The Great Migrations - Seeds of a regeneration of Mediterranean culture and the formation of a Germanic and European civilization Causes of the Great Migrations o Increase in Population o Growing scarcity of habitable and arable land o Culture of southern countries exercised power of attraction Mild climate Highly developed art of living o Lust of adventure o Warlike spirit of leaders o Increasing pressure of neighboring tribes o Adverse social and political conditions o Defeat in war o Intertribal conflicts/quarrels/rivalries o Response to the romantic urge to seek out and conquer distant unknown [Wanderlust] Germanic Expansion o Romans had early realized the danger which threatened from northern barbarians Used force and cunning to break power and spirit of their potential Germanic enemies Marched into Germanic lands, subjecting conquered populations to Roman rule Fortified new boundaries, encouraged discord/ rivalry among tribes,
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Unformatted text preview: admitted increasing numbers into Empire as imperial soldiers, army officers, arg workers, or allies Infiltration of barbarians into empire=subversive element and weakened structure of a waning civilization • The Visigoths o Settled on the lower Danube in the immediate neighborhood of Romans o First successful invaders of the Empire o First to accept Christianity through their Bishop Ulfilas Invented special alphabet that followed the Greek pattern Translated bible with this alphabet • Aided greatly in spread of Christianity among Visigoths o Romans: catholic form of Christianity; Visigoths, their bishop and followers: Arianism Arian and Germanic vs Roman o Invaded Roman Empire due to pressure thrust upon them by the advancing Huns Huns conquered the Ostrogoths in 375 then threatened to overrun visigoth’s territory...
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