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Bio 1A03 - Course Outline - 1 Winter 2010 BIOLOGY 1A03...

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1 Winter 2010 BIOLOGY 1A03 CELLULAR AND MOLECULAR BIOLOGY PROFESSORS Dr. Lovaye Kajiura Dr. Joanna Wilson Assistant Professor Assistant Professor McMaster University McMaster University Department of Biology Department of Biology Life Sciences Building, Office 426 Life Sciences Building, Office 528 Phone: (905) 525-9140, Extension 27043 Phone: (905) 525-9140, Extension 20075 E-mail: [email protected] E-mail: [email protected] INSTRUCTIONAL ASSISTANT Mr. Alastair Tracey McMaster University Department of Biology Burke Science Building, Office 201A/C Phone: (905) 525-9140, Ext. 23547 E-mail: [email protected] COURSE DESCRIPTION Structure, molecular composition, and function in sub-cellular and cellular systems. Prerequisites Grade 12 Biology U or Biology 1P03 and registration in any Level 1 program in the Faculty of Science or any program above Level 1; or any program above Level 1; or registration in Arts & Science I, Medical Radiation Sciences I, Chemical Engineering and Bioengineering, Electrical and Biomedical Engineering. Not open to students with credit or registration in ISCI 1A24. Corequisite SCIENCE 1A00 Students enrolled in Biology 1A03 must also register in Science 1A00. All 1A03 students must have completed the Science 1A00 Safety Workshop in order to participate in the 1A03 labs. This safety course is being offered on ELM. For information regarding the Safety Workshops, refer to their listings posted on ELM or visit the Environmental & Occupational Health Support Services website [email protected] .
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2 The Biology 1A03 course is designed for students who intend to specialize in Science programs and is required for many higher level courses in the Faculty of Science. Upon completion of Biology 1A03, students will be able to: 1. Effectively discuss the fundamental concepts and underlying processes related to cellular and molecular biology. 2. Implement laboratory technical skills necessary for biological sciences. 3. Work independently and in collaboration with others to compile, analyze, interpret, and present scientific data using oral, written, and internet formats. The primary goal of the course is to prepare students academically for subsequent, specialized Biology courses and to ensure that students acquire skills essential for upper-level biology courses and biology-related fields of study. BIOLOGY 1A03 LECTURES Refer to the McMaster University 2009-10 Fall/Winter Session Undergraduate Timetable. The 1A03 lectures will be a synthesis of several sources (the textbook, primary scientific literature, such as journal articles and current research). Lecture outlines, lists of overheads, study questions, and supplementary resources will be posted on the Biology 1A03 ELM site. The Biology 1A03 ELM lecture outlines are not
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Bio 1A03 - Course Outline - 1 Winter 2010 BIOLOGY 1A03...

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