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Course Outline - Life Sci 3A03 - Life Science 3AO3 Health...

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Life Science 3AO3: Health and Disease Winter 2011 INSTRUCTORS: Dr. Kimberley Dej LSB 425 [email protected] Dr. Danny Pincivero Nikol Piskuric Dr. Gautam Ullal Dr. Ping Chang Yang COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course is broken into four modules that look at different topics of human health and disease. Each topic is examined from several different perspectives, from the molecular biology of the disease, through the physiology effects, to current and potential treatments. While we focus upon the cell biology, genetics, and biochemistry of each disease we also consider the social and economic factors that affect disease persistence and treatment. The concept of disease eradication will be considered in each module The topics for this term: Each module is taught by the instructor indicated in brackets: Diabetes (Dr.D.Pincivero) Cholera (N. Piskuric) Auto-immune Disorders (Dr. P. C. Yang) Epilepsy (Dr.G.Ullal) COURSE OBJECTIVES: By the end of this course students will be able to: Identify journal articles that pertain to written assignment questions Read and understand journal articles relating to basic and clinical research in human disease Write a short concept paper that summarizes journal articles Write a final short policy paper that explains relevant scientific facts to a lay audience Be familiar with concepts relevant to the treatment of global diseases
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Course Outline - Life Sci 3A03 - Life Science 3AO3 Health...

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