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Accounting 4 basic financial statements Income Statement (Revenue and Expenses) Retained Earnings Statement Balance Sheet (Assets=Liabilities-S.E.) Cash Flow Statement Ratios Profitability o Gross Profit Rate(Gross profit/Net sales) o Profit Margin Ratio(Net income/Net sales) o Asset Turnover Ratio(Net sales/Average total assets) Liquidity o Working Capital(Current assets-Current liabilities) o Current Ratio(Current assets/Current liability) Solvency o Debt to total assets ratio(Total liabilities/total assets) o Cash debt coverage flow(Cash provided by operations/ATL)
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Unformatted text preview: o Free cash flow(Cash provided by operations-Capital Expenditures-Cash Dividends) Multi-Step Income Net sales-Cost of goods sold Gross Profit-Operating Expenses Income from Operations +Other Revenues and Gains-Other Expenses and Losses Income before Income Taxes-Income Tax Expense Net Income Cost of Goods Sold • Beginning Inventory+COGP=Cost of goods available for sale-Ending Inventory=COGS Cost of Goods Purchased • Purchases-Purchase returns/allowances/discounts=Net purchases+ Freight in=Cost of goods purchased...
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