Article Critique - Zach Holland 11137169 Ethic and Moral in...

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Zach Holland 11137169 Ethic and Moral in Sport Article Critique College football has battled through a scandal plagued year in 2011. But this is not the first year that the amateur sport of college football has been ridden with NCAA violations. As Stewart Mandel stated in his 2007 article, “cheating in college football is a tradition as old as the sport itself. Scandal is almost as much part of the sport’s culture as tailgating and fight songs.” One well-known scandal involved Texas Christian University and the improper payment of seven football players. The most prominent player, Kenneth Davis, explained to a Sports Illustrated reported just exactly how he landed on TCU’s campus his freshman year. His violation heavy recruitment strikes the same cords as the University of Miami recruitment violations but Davis’ story differs when he pledges innocence through amorality. Amorality by definition does “not involve questions of right or wrong” and “is neither moral nor immoral” (Amoral). But how can Davis avoid the repercussions and who is morally responsible for these violations? In 1980, on his first recruiting visit, Davis visited a booster owned pizza restaurant. The booster, Chris Farkas, sat with Davis as he ate and as they talked slipped something into Davis’ sock. After going to the bathroom and reaching into his sock, Davis counted a total of $350. Being the most money Davis had seen at one time in his life he was overcome with emotion. Before leaving the bathroom Davis is quoted as saying to himself, “I’m going to be a horned frog” (Sullivan, 1985). After the recruiting visit Davis eventually signed a nonbinding letter of intent with the University of
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Article Critique - Zach Holland 11137169 Ethic and Moral in...

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