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Zach Holland 11137169 Ethic and Moral in Sport Ethical Leadership In wake of one of the worst financial disasters since the 1930’s an ethical decision maker is the key characteristic when finding today’s best leaders. Organizations, now more than ever, are looking for leaders that not only focus on short-term profit but make long-term ethical decisions. It is an intangible asset that is truly hard to distinguish during the hiring process. Companies like Enron, who did not obtain this intangible asset, are an example of non ethical leadership. A leader, ethical or not, will have to make many tough decisions and it is the leader’s thinking process that ultimately decides if he is in fact ethical. But what is an ethical leader? If you were to ask ten different people you might get ten different answers. Like it or not the word ethics, or what is considered “right,” varies and has evolved over time. There are certainly characteristics and styles of leading that decide if someone is an ethical leader. I will further explain what exactly an ethical leader is, the personal attributes and styles that makes myself an ethical leader, and how I would ensure the utmost ethical practices in the groups I lead later in life. According to a 1987 study in the Wall Street Journal one quarter of the 671 executives surveyed believed that “ethics can impede a successful career” and one half admitted they had “bent the rules to get ahead” (Gini, 2003). It is very obvious why the term “business ethics” is popularly thought as an academic oxymoron. Of course it the leader’s responsibility to make the most profit attainable, but at what cost? An ethical
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leader is an ethical decision maker. A leader that takes into account the collateral damage
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Ethical Leadership Paper - Zach Holland 11137169 Ethic and...

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