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Assignment 2 – Research Proposal and Outline Due Wednesday Sept 21, 2011 (15 points) In class you will make a ‘pitch’ to two of your peers about your topic and describe how you plan to proceed with your research. Your peers will offer advice and criticism about the direction you are headed. Bring a typed document to class with your name and assignment # as a running header 1. Research Proposal with an Outline This is a working document that will shape your paper Lay out your paper based on the findings that are evolving from the annotated bibliography . You will (probably) not use all of the material from your annotated bibliography, because after finding a great title that sounded perfect, once you located the article you may have decided it was not what you thought it was and it didn’t inform your paper – that is okay. The annotated bib is just a tool for you. The outline should eventually write your paper. For example, had you written a paper about the toys for children the outline may have looked something like
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