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Assignment 3 Bibliography

Assignment 3 Bibliography - Zach Holland 11137169 Sport in...

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Zach Holland 11137169 Sport in Society Annotated Bibliography Branch, T. (2011, September). The shame of college sports . Retrieved from http://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2011/10/the-shame-of-college- sports/8643/?single_page=true#middle Pulitzer Prize winner, Taylor Branch, wrote an article about college athletics are so commercialized that there must be a change to the system. He explains the corrupt nature of college football since the time when rules were being invented. It also brings up the history of televised games in college athletics which is one of the main points in my research paper. I found this article while reading another and it was crowned as "may well be the most important article ever written about college sports." It will probably be my second most useful article used when writing my research paper. There is no biased in the paper but I can see the civic right journalism style Branch uses. It fits in my research because the base of the article is that the NCAA needs to revise the meaning of student- athlete and that a “free education” just isn’t cutting it anymore. Brennan, E. (2011, September 27). Ncaa president emmert wags finger at ads . Retrieved from http://espn.go.com/blog/collegebasketballnation/post/_/id/35858/ncaa- president-emmert-wags-finger-at-ads This article is about the after effects of moving a university to a new conference. Around college athletics there are countless people that are ashamed of what is now happening. No athletic director or school president had a good reason to explain the conference move. The general public now has no reason to believe that the moves are anything but money driven. This article is going to be useful when explaining the consequences of realignment. The article is not biased, it could have gone with public opinion and torn the NCAA apart but it laid the facts out and quoted the NCAA President. This is just another article I can use when explaining the momentum effects of mega-conferences. Forde, P. (2011, September 21). Big 12 goes to the brink and back again . Retrieved from http://espn.go.com/college-football/story/_/id/7000736/pac-12-expansion-spares- big-12-oklahoma-sooners-texas-longhorns-remain-place This article talks about the decision the Pac-12 made to not add Oklahoma and Texas to their super conference. The article pokes fun at both schools stating that Oklahoma went so far out on a limb, making comments about the leadership of the Big 12 and now Oklahoma is trying to throw its weight around. The author also points out Texas and the selfishness involved with their own television network and their ways of revenue sharing calling the Longhorns’ “diet of me-first has left them bloated and indifferent to the feelings of their peers.” This is another article with little to no bias. Pat Forde simply states exactly what the informed fan is thinking. This is a good article that will help when I discuss what can go wrong when flirting with conference realignment.
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Huma, R., & Staurowsky, E. (2011).
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Assignment 3 Bibliography - Zach Holland 11137169 Sport in...

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