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General Genetics 3100:211 Fall, 2009 Exam 1 ID______________________ Form A Read each question carefully and answer only what the question is asking. All that is required is the answer; it DOES NOT need to be in a well constructed sentence. 1. What proportion of the offspring from a cross between two individuals with the genotype AaBbCcDdEeFf would exhibit the dominant phenotype for the A.B,C, D loci and recessive phenotype for the E and F loci? 81/4096 2. Four individuals in a family with a history of a rare genetic disorder are homozygous recessive for the allele responsible for the disease. Only three of the family members had disease symptoms. How would you explain this apparent disparity? Reduced penetrance 3. In a plant with 2N=22, how many chromatids are in a cell at the beginning of the second division of meiosis? 22 4. Two parents both heterozygous at both the ABO and H loci have B type blood. What is the chance their first child will have B type blood? 9/16 5. From an individual of genotype AaBb, what proportion of the gametes will contain A and b? 1/4 Using the pedigree at the end of the exam answer the following two questions. 6. How is the normal phenotype inherited? Autosomal recessive 7. What is the chance the indicated couple will have a normal child? 1/3 8. Two normal parents have a child with PKU and a normal child, what is the chance the normal child is a homozygote? 1/3 9. If a certain locus in man has 16 alleles found in the United States, what are the most of these alleles that could be found in any one gamete from a man in the United States? 1 10. If a certain dominant allele has 25% penetrance, what proportion of the offspring of two heterozygotes will express the dominant phenotype? 3/16 11. The A and D locus are so tightly linked that no recombination is ever observed between them. If Ad/aD is crossed to ad/ad, what proportion of the offspring will have a A-D- phenotype? 0 12. In the cross Dr/dR X DR/dr, what proportion of the offspring will have the recessive phenotype at both loci? Assume that the D and R loci are linked and 20 map units apart. 0.04 13. In a certain cross of three linked loci only 8 double crossovers were detected in 1000 Page 1 of 5 General Genetics 11/14/2010 http://meturner.pageout.net/user/www/m/e/meturner/2009fea1.html
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offspring. If the distance between the loci are, D---12---E---20---H , what is the coefficient of coincidence for these three loci? 1/3
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Exam109 - General Genetics Page 1 of 5 Exam 1 Form A Read...

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