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General Genetics 3100:211 Fall, 2008 Exam 2 ID_________________________ Form A Yellow 1. In conjugation experiments the Hfr strain usually carries a gene for some sort of sensitivity (for example Str s ), whereas the F - strain carries a resistance gene. Why is this so? a. The Str s was used to select the original Hfr strain b. The Str s allows removal of donor individuals c. Because the plasmid is incorporated into the bacterial chromosome d. The Str R can act as a signal for incorporation of donor genes e. More than one of the above 2. In a transformation experiment, an a + b + c - strain is used as a donor and an a - b - c + strain as recipient. If you select for a + transformants, the least frequent class is a + b + c + . Which gene is in the middle? c 3. A trp amino acid is found in a protein, what was the sequence of the template strand in DNA that when transcribed became the trp codon that added the trp amino acid to this protein? 5’CCA 4. A bacterial mRNA is isolated and has the following base composition 18% A, 27% C, 33% G, and 22% U. What is the base composition of A in the double stranded DNA? 20% 5. Eukaryotes require telomerase, but prokaryotes do not, Why? a. In prokaryotes DNA polymerase has telomerase activity b. Eukaryotes don’t need primase and use telomerase instead c. Prokaryotic chromosomes are naked DNA so they don’t need telomerase d. Because prokaryotes don’t have RNA processing e. None of the above 6. If an F plasmid is to be maintained and replicated in the cytoplasm of a bacterial cell what specific DNA sequence must be present on the plasmid? Ori c 7. In humans, how many chromosomes would be present in a triploid? 69 8. Three loci A, B, and C are linked and on chromosome 6. In one family the B locus shows reduced recombination with loci on chromosome 10 and no linkage with A and C. How could these disparate results be explained? Translocation of B to chromosome 10 9. A double stranded DNA molecule contains 48% G, what is the amount of A in this DNA? 2% 10. Which of the following is not true of all double stranded DNA samples? a. {(GA)/(CT)}=1 b. (A/T)=1 Page 1 of 6 General Genetics 11/14/2010 http://meturner.pageout.net/user/www/m/e/meturner/2008fea2.html
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c. {(A+T)/(C+G)}=1 d. {(A+C)/(G+T)}=1 e. (G/C)=1 11. Consider a individual of genotype AaBb who has inherited one dominant allele from each parent. If the two loci are linked and 14 map units apart what proportion of the gametes will have the genotype AB? 0.07
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Exam208 - General Genetics Page 1 of 6 Exam 2 Form A Yellow...

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