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General Genetics 3100:211 Fall, 2009 Exam 2 Form A 1. RNA and DNA isolated from ET (a creature from another planet) contains 6 bases with the pairing rules A-T, G-C, and H-Y. If a codon contains 3 bases, how many different codons can be made? 216 2. What amino acid is attached to the tRNA with the anticodon sequence 5'UAG3'? leu 3. A non-template strand of DNA has the following base composition; 20% A, 35% T, 30% C and 15% G. What is the correct proportion of A for the RNA transcribed from the template strand of this DNA? 20% 4. Several prokaryotic DNA's with genome sizes of A = 5,000 bp, B = 500 bp, C = 10,000 bp and D = 1,000 bp, are denatured, which strand would you expect to reanneal at the lowest temperature? Bad question not graded 5. If the following prokaryotic mRNA sequence were translated into a protein, how many amino acids would be in the resulting protein? Assume all that is necessary to begin translation is a start codon. 5'-AGAGUAGGAGGACGAUGCCCGGCAUUAUAAUGUAAUGAUCA-3' 6 6. What would be the most likely effect of introducing an insertion of 10 bases 5' of the Shine-Dalgarno sequence of a prokaryotic mRNA? a. an altered reading frame for translation b. incorrect start site of transcription c. altered level of transcription d. a and b only e . no effect 7. The effect of a heterozygous large deletion of chromosome 15 has a phenotype similar to what specific aneuploid genotype? Monosomy 15 8. A normal girl has 45 chromosomes. She has one normal brother and a brother with Down syndrome. The number of chromosomes in both brothers is 46. Would the normal brother be at high risk or low risk for having a child with Down Syndrome? low 9. During the process of DNA replication what property of the DNA polymerase is responsible for the formation of leading and lagging strands? Always add to 3’OH 10. The normal sequence of markers on a Drosophila chromosome is 123.456789, where the dot represents the centromere. Some flies were isolated with the marker sequence 123.45678967. What type of chromosome mutation has occurred? duplication 11. In an individual with 2N=49, XXXYY, how many Barr bodies would be in each cell? 2 12. A woman with Turner Syndrome is found to be colorblind, a X linked recessive condition, If both parents had normal color vision in which parent and which division did nondisjunction occur? Father either division 13. During which part of the cell cycle does DNA replication occur? s 14. How does a promoter differ from a start codon? Page 1 of 7 General Genetics 11/14/2010 http://meturner.pageout.net/user/www/m/e/meturner/2009fea2.html
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a. Only a promoter is transcribed b. start codons are in introns, promoters are in exons c. DNA helicase only binds to promoters d. They only differ in eukaryotes, in prokaryotes they are the same e. None of the above 15. The father of Mr. Spock, second officer on the starship Enterprise, came from the planet Vulcan but Mr. Spock’s mother came from Earth. A Vulcan has pointed ears (P), no adrenals (A) and a right sided heart (R). All of the Vulcan alleles are dominant over the
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Exam209 - General Genetics Page 1 of 7 General Genetics...

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