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Exam309 - General genetics Page 1 of 5 General genetics...

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General genetics 3100:211 Fall, 2009 Exam 3 Form A 1. In the ACE operon, the addition of an inducer molecule results in increased mRNA synthesis. Does the inducer molecule act at the level of transcription or translation? transcription 2. In the lac operon a new mutation of the I gene is discovered. This mutation, I Q , produces 10 times the amount of the repressor compared with I + . Would you expect the I Q mutation to be dominant or recessive in a merozygote with I - ? dominant 3. For a bacterial cell with the lac operon genotype: i - p + o + z - y + / i + p + o c z + y - Assuming glucose levels are low, in the above cell is the Z product always on, always off or inducible? Always on 4. How would the Y levels in the above cell be controlled if glucose levels were high? Always off 5. In the Trp operon how would a deletion of the gene that makes the control protein affect the control of this operon? By just attenuation 6. In mammals the male phenotype is the result of testosterone produced by the testes. If a mutation occurred in the androgen receptor protein such that testosterone could not be bound, what would be the sexual phenotype of an XY individual homozygous for this mutation? female 7. List two ways that eukaryotic gene control mechanisms are different than prokaryotic control mechanisms. Check notes for differences in euk versus prok could be many answers here 8. Three genotypes were observed at the PGM locus in humans. In a sample of 1110 individuals, the three genotypes occurred in the following numbers (1 and 2 represent the two alleles). genotypes 1/1 1/2 2/2 numbers 625 400 85 What is the frequency of allele 1? 0.75 9. In assaying a certain population for the X-linked dominant trait, brown teeth, 84% of the females have brown teeth. What proportion of the males in this population will have brown teeth? (Assume Hardy-Weinberg) 0.6 10. In petunias flower color is determined by two alleles at a single autosomal locus, red is dominant to white. In a population the following plants and flower colors were observed. red white 36 64 What is the frequency of the red allele? 0.2 11. In a population with the gene frequency of the g allele of 0.63, what would you expect Page 1 of 5 General genetics 11/14/2010 http://meturner.pageout.net/user/www/m/e/meturner/2009fea3.html
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the gene frequency of this allele to do if the population was to undergo inbreeding? same 12. What causes genetic drift? Small population size 13. If the frequency of the b allele, that causes PKU when homozygous, is 0.1, what is the chance that a normal man with normal parents and a sister with PKU is a heterozygote?
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