Exam 3 Review Sheet[1]

Exam 3 Review Sheet[1] - 1) When does an F+ bacterium...

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1) When does an F+ bacterium become an Hfr bacterium? 2) In a bacterial genetics experiment, what was the purpose of having donor cells that are Str S and recipient cells that are Str R ? 3) Bacteria of a genotype k - m - n - were infected with a transducing phage and the resulting phage used to infect a recipient strain. If the m locus is in the middle, what genotype would be the rarest among the recombinant types? 4) A bacterial culture has 2 strain, strain 1 leu- lac+ met- pen r and strain 2: leu- lac- met+ pen r . What would have to be added to minimal media to grow just strain 2 and not strain 1? 5) What is an operon? 6) A mutation in the Crp gene changes the CAP protein sequence such that the CAP protein cannot bind to cAMP. How would this effect the control of the lac operon? 7) From the lac operon merozygote Is P- O+ Z- Y+ / I+ P+ O- Z+ Y-, how would the Z and Y gene products be controlled? (Assume low glucose levels) Z___________ Y____________ 8) In a bacterial culture, glucose and lactose are both present in high quantity, under these conditions what proteins would be bound to the lac operon? 9) On a bacterial chromosome, which of the following DNA sequences would be present in the genome in the greatest number of copies? a. promoter
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Exam 3 Review Sheet[1] - 1) When does an F+ bacterium...

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