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1. A bacterial strain is dam - , which of the following would be a consequence of this mutation? a. Mismatch repair would not occur b. Thymine dimers could not be replaced c. DNA polymerase would not be able to proofread d. There would be an increase in frameshift mutations e. None of the above 2. Point mutations that result in a single aminio acid change in a protein are called _____________ mutations. 3. Starting with an AT base pair, what is an example of a transition mutation? 4. The normal protein produced by a locus has the following sequence of amino acids: MET-HIS-TYR-VAL-TRP-GLY. A mutant allele of the same locus has the amino acid sequence: MET-HIS. If the mutant allele was the result of a single point mutation, this point mutation was most likely what type of mutation? 5. What two things are required for a UV induced thymine dimer to cause a skin tumor? 6. What amino acid is bound to the tRNA with the anticodon 3'GCU5'? 7. If for a certain operon in E. coli the Shine-Delgarno sequence is deleted, would this affect replication, transcription or translation of this operon? 8. In general which point mutations are expected to have a greater deleterious effect on an organism: frameshift or base substitutions? 9. Why are inborn errors of metabolism almost always inherited as recessives? 10. In humans PKU is a disease caused by an enzyme ineffeciency at step A of the following simplified reaction sequence, and AKU is due to enzyme ineffeciency in one of the steps summarized as step B: phenylalanine--- A -----> tyrosine ----- B -----> CO 2 + H 2 O A person with PKU marries a person with AKU. What phenotypes would be expected among their children? 11. Pedigree (Will draw on board) 12. From the cross AaBbCcDDEeFf X AABbCcDdEeFf, what is the probability of an offspring with the same genotype as the first parent? Page 1 of 5 1 11/14/2010 http://www.pageout.net/user/www/m/e/meturner/2009review.html
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13. In Humans, red-green color blindness is due to a recessive allele at an X-linked locus. A couple has a color-blind daughter and a normal son. What is the probability that the next two children will be color-blind? 14.
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Quiz309 - 1 Page 1 of 5 1 A bacterial strain is dam which...

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