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General Genetics 3100:211 Fall, 2008 Quiz 4 ID__________________ Form A 1. What is the significance of the 5’-3’ exonuclease activity during DNA replication? a. Removal of primers b. Proofreading c. Binding DNA polymerase d. Formation of akazaki fragments e. All of the above f. None of the above 2. Why does DNA replication require a primase? a. To bind to the promoter b. Remove single strand binding proteins c. Hook together Okazaki fragments d. Forms substrate for topoisomerase e. None of the above 3. A bacterial mRNA is isolated and determined to have the following base composition: 18% A, 27% C, 33% G, and 22% U. What is the base composition of the corresponding segment in the template DNA strand? A 22, T 18, G 27, C 33 4. What product would a DNA-RNA hybridization look like for a gene with three exons and two introns? 5. What is a Shine-Delgarno sequence? Sequence in mRNA the designates a AUG codon as the start codon, aligns mRNA on the ribosome 6. What amino acid is attached to the tRNA with the anticodon sequence 5’AUG3’? His 7. In a ribosome what is the order of progression of binding sites for a tRNA used to add an amino acid to the growing protein? A-P-E 8. What three processes are involved in RNA processing in a eukaryotic cell? 5’ cap, 3’ poly A tail, intron removal
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Quiz408 - General Genetics Page 1 of 3 General Genetics...

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