Faragher V City of Boca Raton sexual harrasment case review

Faragher V City of Boca Raton sexual harrasment case review...

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Patricia Martinez 3710770 Jan. 15. 2012 Prof. Carbon Man 4301 Tuesday 6:25 Case review #1: Analysis of the Supreme Court of the United States case of Faragher V. City of Boca Raton The case was brought because of sexual harassment, against female ocean lifeguards by their two supervisors. Agency principles and the policies underlying Title VII require the adoption of a legal standard that holds employers liable for hostile work environment sexual harassment where (1) a supervisor explicitly or implicitly invokes the employer’s authority to sexually harass subordinate employees. (2)Even if the harasser did not act as the employer’s agent, the employer knew or should have known of the harassment and failed to take appropriate action. They argue that constructive knowledge should be attributed to the employer if it failed to develop and disseminate a policy against sexual harassment or failed to provide all employees
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Unformatted text preview: with an effective method of making complaints of sexual harassment. The case brings relevance to Human Resource management because it raises awareness that employers need to provide sexual harassment education in the workplace at all levels. It must inform employees and agents in every aspect of any work environment, but most importantly it needs to continue to do so. Aside from that their sexual harassment policies need to be fair and clear to follow in case a reports needs to be made in the future. I agree with the case; however, punitive damages should have been given to the victims. It will definitely set precedence to all employers and agencies. Sexual harassment in the workplace and discrimination is a serious matter; I think the case would definitely be taken more seriously and avoid more sexual harassment cases from happening....
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