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Barbosa_ECO400_Mod_3_Critical_Thinking - Wesley Barbosa...

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Wesley Barbosa Module 3 Critical Thinking ECO400 CSU Global In this article about the controversial topic of healthcare reform, Pear addresses the need that health plans must provide some tests at no costs. The White House has officially issues new rules and regulations that require health insurance companies to provide certain services, including many screenings, laboratory testing, and preventative care for free. The fact that these benefits are now essentially free, or at a significantly reduced cost, many more consumers will be likely to take advantage of these services who did not take advantage of them before. These new laws will increase the demand for medical services as they are now more affordable to everyone. This also allows medical facilities to treat everyone the same, no matter where they receive their insurance from, so this will also cause the demand to raise.
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The rise in demand has called for a rise for supply. In the shot-term this is not feasible as it takes years of training and schooling for healthcare professionals. This is causing healthcare
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Barbosa_ECO400_Mod_3_Critical_Thinking - Wesley Barbosa...

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