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Unformatted text preview: Wesley Barbosa Module 5 Critical Thinking ECO400 CSU Global The government uses many different policies to influence the economy’s growth rate. Among these policies, include education, health and nutrition, property rights and political stability, and research and develop. I feel that each of the said policies have had an impact on my life which is the reason I will be discussing them in this paper. Education is a government policy which is an investment in human capital. Investing in human capital is extremely important for a country’s long term economic success. A great example of this is right here in the U.S. “ in the United States, each year of schooling has historically raised a person’s wage by an average of 10 percent” (Mankiw 2010). Another example is to look at less developed countries, where human capital it is scares. In these countries the difference in wages of educated and uneducated workers is even greater. Some problems that occur in less developed countries is that the...
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Barbosa_ECO400_Mod_5_Critical_Thinking - Wesley Barbosa...

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