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Unformatted text preview: To: Dr. Castle From: Wesley Barbosa Date: July 10, 2010 RE: Mod 2 Critical Thinking Benefits and the costs of conducting business in an ethical way. I would like to address the benefits and costs of social responsibility. Ethics are an important part of social responsibility and both ethics and social responsibility should be part of every companys mission and strategic development. Most large corporations are becoming more and more socially responsible as globalization increases and information becomes easily available. A few corporations have chosen to take this a step further and have greatly exceeded the requirements of the law. Eileen Fisher is a large clothing corporation who is a good example of positive social responsibility. Eileen Fisher has created an excellent working environment for her employees, offering massage and yoga to name a couple of benefits that she offers to her employees. She also offers her employees 10% of all the profits made and donates another 5% of the profits to...
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Barbosa_MGT350_Mod_2_Critical_Thinking - To: Dr. Castle...

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