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To: Dr. Castle From: Wesley Barbosa Date: July 18, 2010 RE: Mod 3 Critical Thinking After review of the Executive Excesses Video Case I have Identified three external environmental factors as well as three different types of leadership skills possessed by successful CEO’s. The first external factor that I noticed in the movie was “Image”. Lee A. LeCocoa, chairman of the Chrysler Corporation, produced a TV image of himself that was said to of saved the Chrysler Corporation from going under. Image is a very powerful environmental factor that can have a great effect on a corporation. Another environmental factor that has a great effect on corporations is pay, particularly excessive pay to CEO’s. Many CEO’s have had paychecks above 20 million a year. These large amounts of money have a huge influence on the way shareholders look at a company and how CEO’s are hired and retained within a company. Another external factor is similar to pay but in the form or rewards and perks that CEO’s often receive and abuse as symbols of power.
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