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To: Dr. Castle From: Wesley Barbosa Date: July 25, 2010 RE: Mod 4 Critical Thinking, Jack Daniel’s International Strategy The Jack Daniel’s whisky company has done some great things in their growth in the global market. The first thing that they did is make it very easy for their consumers to relate to the product even though they are located in a different country and most of the time the consumer has never been to America. The Jack Daniel’s website is translated into 14 different languages and has all the information that any consumer could possibly want about the product. This has pushed Jack Daniel’s sales to double digits and has marked higher sales abroad for the first time since its founding in 1866. Another example of the importance of the global market is the fact that Jack Daniel’s has become a preference in foreign countries among generations x and y. “customers who plan to drink a lot like those brands for their smoothness over the "hotter" Scotch whisky and ubiquitous vodka” (Kiley, 2007).
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Unformatted text preview: Foreigners want a smooth product with a great reputation and Jack Daniel’s delivers. Jack Daniel’s uses the same marketing strategy abroad as they do in the US. It is pretty rare tat a company can successfully use the same strategy everywhere they go but this is the case with the Jack Daniel’s whisky company. Jack Daniel’s has been using the same marketing strategy since 1957 and proves successful. Having a strong brand with a a good story about it’s roots has been the marketing strategy that has worked everywhere it has been applied. In England many people can relate to the 19 th century images as they use similar advertising in their country. References Kiley, D. (2007) Jack Daniel's International Appeal; By sticking to its homespun, down-home story, the Tennessee sour mash whiskey has increased sales at home and abroad. Retrieved, July 24 th , 2010, from,
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Barbosa_MGT350_Mod_4_Critical_Thinking - Foreigners want a...

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