Expt 04 - Kinetics Lab - Solvolysis Effects on SN1 Reactions

Expt 04 - Kinetics Lab - Solvolysis Effects on SN1...

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1 Under the conditions of this experiment, a tertiary alkyl halide can also undergo elimination by an El or E2 path. In this experiment, these side reactions are ignored. If you carry out titrations of aliquots of the reaction mixture (instead of adding NaOH directly to the reaction mixture), side reactions are minimized. EXPERIMENT FOUR Solvent Effects in an S N 1 Solvolysis Reaction A Kinetics Study DISCUSSION In this experiment, you will not conduct a detailed quantitative kinetics study. Instead, you will determine the relative rates of the solvolysis of t-butyl chloride in three different solvent systems (methanol-water, ethanol-water, and acetone-water) and express the results in graphic form. In the first two solvent systems, mixtures of organic products are formed because the alcohols contain hydroxyl (-OH) groups. With the acetone-water mixture, only the water participates in the solvolysis reaction. Regardless of the solvent system, the inorganic product is HCl. Note that for each molecule of t-butyl chloride that undergoes reaction, one molecule of HCl is generated. Because of this 1:1 correspondence, the course of the reaction can be conveniently followed by measuring the acidity of the reaction mixture. In this experiment, you will be comparing the time it takes for each of several solvolysis reactions to reach the same per cent of completion. Because this is a study of relative rates, the exact percent of completion does not matter as long as all the reactions are carried to the same
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Expt 04 - Kinetics Lab - Solvolysis Effects on SN1...

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