Quote of the day 5 - disgusting meat They sometimes even spray each other with the hose because there is not visibility in the factory These men

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Quote of the Day 5 “Some of the most dangerous jobs in meatpacking today are performed by the late-night cleaning crews. A large proportion of these workers are illegal immigrants” (Schlosser 176). The meatpacking industry is a huge corporation. Every day they supply thousands of pounds of meat to their suppliers. The meatpacking factories usually get filthy at the end of the day. There are usually meat and guts everywhere. The factory needs to be cleaned for the next day of work. This is when the late night crews come in to clean everything. It seems like an easy job just cleaning up meat guts, but it’s not it can get very dangerous. These late night crews don’t use mops and brooms. They use a really powerful hose and they spray everything away. The hose is filled with water and chlorine which is heated to 180 degrees. These factories get filled with heat, and fog, and terrible fumes. These men are walking on conveyor belts, and into
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Unformatted text preview: disgusting meat. They sometimes even spray each other with the hose because there is not visibility in the factory. These men have to clean the inside of the machines which contain sharp items that can chop off someone’s hand. The death rate at a slaughterhouse is extremely high. I think it’s terrible what these workers have to deal with just to get paid. Even though there not saving anyone like a police officer or firefighter. They still are risking their lives every night they go in to work. The way things are cleaned in a slaughterhouse should be changed either by the company owner or by the government. If people are losing their lives or are working in dangerous conditions something needs to be changed. Just because most of the workers are illegal or illiterate it doesn’t mean there not people. They deserve the same rights as everybody else....
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