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Quote of the day 7 “At the moment, the fast food industry is heavily promoting menu items that contain bacon. Consumers savor the flavor while operators embrace the profit margin” (Schlosser 241). The fast food industry is always trying to come up with new items that they think people will enjoy. The menus at these places have gone from being unhealthy to extremely unhealthy. The restaurants come up with items that contain more meat or a ton of greasy bacon. These corporations don’t care how unhealthy they are making their new items as long as people keep coming back and eating. Adding bacon to meals makes the food taste better so more people are going to order that item. Restaurants sell more bacon then in the past. That’s because people got hooked on having bacon with their burgers or cheeseburgers. People have gotten so use to eating unhealthy as children that they carry it with them when they’re adults. Fast food companies
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Unformatted text preview: know that people just want something that tastes good so that’s what they give them. Almost all fast food chains promote unhealthy food. They all show commercials showing all the burgers and bacon that can be piled up in one sandwich. It’s very disgusting and extremely unhealthy. Since all these foods are unhealthy, but taste good people keep coming back to eat. The more they eat the fatter they start to become. People in America are becoming fatter and fatter and a majority of the problem is fast food restaurants. I believe that the fast food companies need to change how much fat they put into a hamburger or into a chicken patty. They have to start caring more about the customers healthy and not just what tastes good. If the consumer only cares about the profit and not the costumer, then that corporation is corrupt. People need to start realizing what fast food companies are doing and take a stand against them....
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