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quote of the day 8 - taco truck owners There are a few...

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Quote of the day 8 “There are clean taco trucks and dirty taco trucks, just like there are clean restaurants and dirty restaurant” (Hughes 199). In Houston, Texas taco trucks are a very popular way of buying food. It’s like a fast food restaurant on wheels. These places serve all types of Mexican foods, like steak tacos, ground beef tacos, and burritos. The places serve Mexican food, but they started in America. These places are really common in Houston and people love them. They have the same rules and regulations as restaurants and they are constantly inspected by health inspectors. Most people think place like this are disgusting and the food isn’t prepared well. In reality most of these places the food is cooked well and tastes great. Since there still is a huge group of people who think these places aren’t maintained well the health department is always cracking down on the
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Unformatted text preview: taco truck owners. There are a few places where the food doesn’t come out well because of health violations, but that is rare. The food isn’t the healthiest food out there, but as long as it tastes good people keep coming back. I think a taco truck sounds just like the hot dog carts of New York City. I would defiantly try one of the items off a taco truck. It seems kind of nasty, but if the health department is strict with them then I’m sure it wouldn’t be disgusting. I’m positive that most of the food would be unhealthy like a normal fast food restaurant, but probably not as unhealthy. The mobile food-service industry sounds like a good idea and a fast way to make money. It might sound sketchy, but if there that popular in Houston they can’t be that bad....
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