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Quote of the day 9 “My family of four’s food budget is usually around $800 per month; this month, thanks to several $6.99 pints of raspberries, $13 wedges of cheese, $21 steaks, and $7 grapefruits, our grand total was $1,372.51 – a 58 percent increase” (Hughes 62). In today’s world food has become more expensive than ever. It ridiculous how much simple items in a food store cost so much money. Simple foods like vegetables, fruit, meats, and etc. are becoming so expensive people can’t buy healthy foods for their families. Certain vegetables and fruits are now organic. This means they are healthier because of the way they are grown. Unfortunately these healthier foods or even more expensive than normal foods, which means less people can afford them. Certain people still decide to buy organic and spend a huge amount of money to get healthy foods. There is nothing wrong that people want to eat healthy
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Unformatted text preview: foods, but they shouldn’t have to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to eat healthy. I believe that food prices need to decrease because people need to be able to afford healthy food. It’s not right when fast food that is unhealthy is less expensive than good organic food. Since organic food is over expensive more people are going out and buying their family fast food. This is why America is so unhealthy and so obese. A family food budget should be nowhere near eight-hundred dollars. Organic food is very healthy and needs to be more affordable for all people. Going to the food store and buying healthy foods should not be a hassle for people. People should be able to walk into a food store and buy healthy food for their family at a reasonable price. Food companies need to understand how expensive healthy foods are and need to change the prices so people will be able to afford good food....
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