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quote of the day 10 - caused some illnesses The public...

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Quote of the day 10 “There have been 20 serious outbreaks in the past decade or so, and many have come from crops grown in California, not from imports” (Grady 1). The United States is probably the most modern country in the world. Yet every year more and more people keep getting food related diseases. Most people immediately blame imports from other countries. People believe that a disease from another country cause citizens of the United States to get sick. In fact many food disease outbreaks are from within the United States. They are from crops being grown from normal citizens. Most people don’t think that the food form their country can be contaminated. There only worried about food from poor countries that don’t wash their foods property. Its thinking like this that puts many American citizens in harm’s way. People are getting sick everyday from food disease like E. coli and it’s not always from imported food. Food from California has been reported infected and have
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Unformatted text preview: caused some illnesses. The public needs to be aware of the dangers of food diseases and have to be aware that even in a country so modern there are still illnesses started within. In normal fast food restaurants in the United States like Taco Bell E. coli has been found. The lettuce that caused the disease was being grown in California it wasn’t being imported from another country. I believe that its terrible how many outbreaks of dangerous food disease occur every year. People need to be pay attention to what they’re eating. They can’t just assume that if it came within the United States that it won’t have a disease on it. It’s the people responsibility to pay attention to what they eat, but I also personally believe that the government should step in more. The government needs to pay closer attention to all the people that have become sick over food related diseases. They need to work harder to protect the citizens....
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