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Quote of the day 11 “Steps the industry has taken in recent years have helped reduce incidences of E. coli contamination by more than 80% in ground beef, and studies have shown that the type of feed given to cows doesn’t affect presence of E. coli, she says” (McKay 3). In recent years there have been many cases of people getting very sick because of a disease called E. coli. This disease has been found in various foods, such as spinach, broccoli, and ground beef. There have been many steps towards trying to reduce the amount of people who are affected by E. coli. Many industries such as the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association have been taking action to try and prevent the disease from spreading through ground beef. Both organic beef companies and conventional beef companies are trying to prevent E. coli from spreading. Both organic beef and conventional beef can contain E. coli it all depends how the cows are treated. People think that if they are buying organic beef that they don’t have to worry
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Unformatted text preview: about E. coli, but it doesn’t matter. Organic beef is free of some pesticides and hormones, but if the farmer is feeding the cows certain food then the beef still might have the presence of E. coli in it. As long as these industries keep trying to prevent E. coli then the chance of getting it will continue to remain low. I think it’s great that certain industries are actually trying to prevent E. coli from spreading. It’s good that these companies aren’t just trying to make organic beef safe, but are still trying to make sure that conventional beef remains safe for people. It’s nice to see these big corporations trying to make sure that the consumer is actually safe and healthy instead of just letting them get sick. If these companies keep doing their best to prevent E. coli then maybe more people will start purchasing conventional meat instead of organic....
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