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Quote of the day 13 “The 1938 Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act imposed strict rules requiring that the word “imitation” appear on any food product that was, well an imitation” (Pollan 34). Around the 1930’s food started to change from real food to fake food. In the past people would go to the food store and get products that were healthy and made with real ingredients. In the 1930’s instead of all fresh food they started making processed food. They made food that wasn’t really considered food. Weird ingredients were being added to give this new food taste. So a food organization wanted the government to put a new law in affect making these new products put imitation on their boxes so that people know it wasn’t the real stuff. I believe this was a great law that would have helped many people. The citizen’s should have the right to know whether the food they are eating is real and healthy or an imitation which
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Unformatted text preview: isn’t as healthy. It seems like this law was the perfect law to help make sure people continue to eat healthy. It would make it easier for people to buy healthier food. Some people have trouble reading the side of boxes of food like the ingredients. By having the box or can say imitation people would immediately know the food was made differently and that it wasn’t real food. It was very foolish that this law isn’t still in effect. People now don’t know the difference between real products and fake ones. People aren’t getting the same nutrition’s when they eat these imitation foods. Real/fresh foods are healthy and people should have the right to know which is better for them. Even though there are health facts on the side of boxes and cans. Writing imitation right on front made it a whole lot easier....
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