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Quote of the day 14 “The whole of the industrial food supply was reformulated to reflect the new nutritional wisdom, giving us low-fat pork, low fat Snack well’s, and all low-fat pasta and high fructose corn syrup we could consume” (Pollan 50). During the 1970’s many people started to become very large and come down with a number of health problems. People started getting diabetes and many other diseases. Americans who started to eat these foods becoming obese. Most people thought if they started eating these foods they would lose weight or remain healthy. Instead they gained tons of weight and started becoming unhealthy. Most Americans at this time shifted their diet, but unfortunately it wasn’t a diet. The food was unhealthy and made people gain a lot of weight in a short period of time.
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Unformatted text preview: I think it’s terrible that companies were telling people that the food they were making was healthy when in reality it was unhealthy. These companies shouldn’t have been able to tell people they would lose weight or remain healthy when there wasn’t any actual proof to back it up. When food is said to be low in fat usually means it’s healthy and good for diets. The food these companies marketed did the exact opposite of what they told there costumers. High fructose corn syrup replaced sugar and was thought to be healthier. In fact it wasn’t it just made people gain more wait and caused more cases of diabetes. Food companies should do more research before they tell the public certain foods are healthy when they actually are bad for people....
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