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Quote of the Day 16 “Don’t eat anything your great grandmother wouldn’t recognize as food” (Pollan 148). I think it is a good idea to follow what Pollan is saying in this chapter. Basically back in the old days all food was real and made fresh. There weren’t all these processed foods that were made with all fake ingredients. Everything was made with real food and was much healthier for people. Sodas and snacks actually were made with sugar and normal ingredients. Nothing fake and processed was really available for the public. In today’s world a majority of food is fake and unhealthy for the public. It’s all processed and not as fresh as it was back in the day. Certain foods do not have sugar it is not replaced with high fructose corn syrup which is unhealthier then sugar. So the new foods that are coming out today are unhealthy and cause people to gain a lot
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Unformatted text preview: of weight. The reason why Pollan says dont eat anything your grandmother wouldnt recognize is because grandparents and parents were probably brought up during a time when all the bad processed foods were being introduced. Great grandparents would know the healthiest things in a food markets. If they dont recognize the food basically it isnt fresh and most likely unhealthy, so dont eat it. I would most likely follow the advice given by Pollan. It makes sense because back in the day everything was fresh and most people were healthier. Most stores had fresh meat and fresh fruit and normal foods. They didnt have anything with weird names and ingredients in it. They had normal food that tasted good when you ate it....
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