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Quote of the Day 17 “That is, the diet of the animals we eat has a bearing on the nutritional quality, and healthfulness, of the food itself, whether it is meat or milk or eggs” (Pollan 167). People eat food everyday and are constantly worried if the food is good and healthy. What most people don’t think about is where the piece of meat came from. Was the animal healthy and what was it feed? This is a huge factor that is usually overlooked. Food quality is determined on many factors, and one of those factors is how the animal was treated and feed. If the animal was feed poisonous food then the person who eats it might get poisoned. Also, if the food the animal was given made the animal sick then someone might be eating tainted meat. Mad cow disease is a result of animals being feed other animals.
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Unformatted text preview: By the time people eat the food it makes them sick and sometimes leads to death. This can happen with all animals that are providing food for humans. I never thought about how the animal I was about to eat was feed. It is really important when I think about it. I mean half the time I dont know where in the country my meat, eggs, or milk is coming from. I just eat it without even thinking about it. I guess if more people think about it then maybe less people would get sick. Meat should come with labels that say where the animal came from, how it was treated, and what it was feed. I guess that way people at least know what their eating. It might even help prevent the spread of mad cow disease....
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