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quote of the day 18 - bored they start eating snacks to...

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Quote of the Day 18 “According to the Harvard economists’ calculations, the bulk of the calories we’ve added to our diet over the past twenty years has come in the form of snacks” (Pollan 191). In today’s world, most people eat the traditional three meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner. They now eat a fourth meal which consists of all snack and junk food. Americans eat unhealthy junk foods than ever before. They are constantly eating cookies, donuts, and a ton of other fattening snacks that are making Americans unhealthy. Children are getting terrible eating habits because parents are allowing them to eat snacks all throughout the day. When people get hungry instead of grabbing fruit they grab a bag of chips. Even when people aren’t hungry and just
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Unformatted text preview: bored they start eating snacks to amuse themselves. Families are getting more calories than ever before because all they do is eat unhealthy snacks. In my opinion I think it’s time people start changing their eating habits. I agree that people are eating extremely unhealthy and are not even making an effort to change. I try to eat fruit as a snack instead of cookies or candy. Americans need to watch how many calories they are getting in one snack because people are getting to unhealthy. That’s why there are so many diseases relate to unhealthy eating. More children are being born with diabetes because parents weren’t eating properly. People need to start caring about their healthy and change their eating habits....
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