restuarant review - Maxie's Restaurant and Bar During a...

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Maxie’s Restaurant and Bar During a slow day at Ramapo College, my girlfriend Nathalie and I decided to head into New York City to grab a bite to eat. So I bought some bus tickets, headed to the station, and boarded the bus. We got to the Port Authority and got off the bus and started walking towards Times Square. Before we got something to eat, we decided to walk around and take in the sites. All the signs and the buildings were so bright with vivid colors. It was really spectacular how beautiful everything looked. There were people everywhere, but the city is always like that I’ve just gotten use to it. After walking around for awhile, we decided to go get something to eat. We looked around, and all we saw were the same type of restaurants. McDonald’s, Burger King, Friday’s, Applebee’s, Olive Garden and a ton of other familiar chain restaurants. We wanted to try someplace different for a change. We looked at some new places, but they all seemed too expensive. Finally, we found a place with a huge bright red sign called Maxie’s Restaurant and Bar. Before we went to the restaurant I wanted to make sure it wasn’t a chain restaurant. So Nathalie and I went up to a police officer to find out. He told us that Maxie’s was one of a kind and was not a chain restaurant. Nathalie and I got very excited because we were really hungry at this point. When we got there, it seemed crowded, but we were seated immediately. The restaurant was basically in the middle of Times Square, so the view was great. The restaurant was set up differently than any other restaurant I had ever eaten at. There weren’t any walls there were just open door ways. Everything was wide open, so people could see out. When someone was done eating, all they had to do was get up and walk right out. They didn’t need to use the front door because every wall was a doorway. It was really funny watching people finish eating, then getting up and just walking right out. Since there were open walkways everywhere, the place
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restuarant review - Maxie's Restaurant and Bar During a...

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