school lunch program - School Lunch Program Changes Every...

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School Lunch Program Changes Every weekday across the country millions of United States students head off to school. During school, they have a break in the middle of the day to have lunch and relax. At lunch time, students either pack their own lunch from home or buy the food provided for them inside the cafeteria. Most school lunches are the same old unhealthy foods that have always been offered. School lunches have been unhealthy for many years making many students who eat them very sick. The food is usually salty and greasy which makes it very bad for the students to eat. Children already eat enough harmful foods outside of school like from fast food restaurants. They do not need more unhealthy food especially inside their own schools. The lunch programs are filled with foods such as hot dogs, burgers, french fries, pizza, and bagels. The cafeteria is filled with tons of unhealthy choices for children to make. “The food currently provided through the National School Lunch Program… chili cheese dogs, pepperoni pizza, cheeseburgers, and pork chops—are there to prop up farm incomes and are part of the problem that has created a generation of overweight children” (Keller 1). All of those foods are poor choices, and eating them five days a week definitely is not keeping students in good health. School lunches need to realize that the food they are serving is weak in nourishment and potentially dangerous. Schools need to start devising ways to serve healthier foods instead of harmful ones. Elementary, middle, and high schools need to change their lunch programs so Americans will start promoting better health. Students start lunch off by lining up and choosing what they want to eat. Usually there is an array of unhealthy items. Sometimes there are a few fruits and vegetables, but given the option students stick with the greasy foods. “Three out of four schools serve too much fat; many schools undercut healthy offerings by selling junk food; there aren't enough vegetables and
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fruits; and not enough is done to teach good eating habits, according to government studies and nutrition experts” (Cooper 1). If school lunches added better tasting foods that are healthy then better choices could be made. Students would probably try the vegetables if they had more of a variety of them to choose from. Unfortunately most students make the unhealthy choice like eating only french fries for lunch. This might seem like the students fault, but the school should not have greasy foods to begin with. Schools should also try to teach children how to make healthier choices. By providing nutritious foods, school could help to guide the students to make the right choices.
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school lunch program - School Lunch Program Changes Every...

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