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string theory - Sure it fits in and can explain how...

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String Theory The string theory is an attempt to bring together quantum mechanics and general relativity. It is basically saying that it is possible to bring the two of them together that’s why the string theory is sometimes referred to as the theory of everything. If the string theory is proven correct then that means everything can be related. From the huge universe to the most microscopic particle on earth everything is somehow related. There are many controversies with the theory because there is no real evidence it is true. Personally I don’t know if I can actually believe in string theory. First of all it seems very confusing and I don’t really understand it. The theory just doesn’t seem to have enough backing it up to be proven true.
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Unformatted text preview: Sure it fits in and can explain how everything connects together, but it’s not defiant. Scientists need to devise someway to test the theory so they can prove it. I believe string theory is a possibility, but I’m still not sure about it. I can’t really agree with it, because it is hard to believe that little pieces of string can make up everything including humans. As of right now all I believe string theory has done is have an impact on mathematics with all the equation that have been devised from it. When real evidence is shown then I’ll probably agree with the string theory until then I’m remaining skeptical....
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