white lies - White Lies: Races and the Myths of Whiteness...

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White Lies: Races and the Myths of Whiteness In the book White Lies by Maurice Berger, the author talks about racism he encountered throughout his life. The book is based around Berger’s life and facts he had acquired on racism in America. Berger was a Jewish boy who lived in the Lower East Side of New York. Berger starts talking about his life and how racism had affected him directly. Berger argues throughout the book how racism has affected many different people. He shows many examples of how other people have seen racism in their daily lives. The book talks about the question of who is white and who can call themselves white. The author tries and finds the meaning of race while trying to find examples throughout history of how race has affected all different nationalities. He shows examples of the Jews, African Americans, Italians, Irish, and other races. The author illustrates his point by talking about how different races would react with one another in different settings. Berger’s main argument is that race has always been a huge problem in the United States. He tries to find racial meaning in everyday life. The book starts off with Berger talking about his parents. He begins talking about how Martin Luther King Jr. had been killed and how his father was upset and his racist mother was happy. Berger goes on from there talking about how he lived his childhood with little money and having racism surrounding him. At first he didn’t really understand why people were treated differently, but as he got older he slowly started to see what was going on. Berger didn’t fit in very well at public school because racism could be found there and he got picked on a lot. He was then transferred to an Orthodox Church, but discrimination and racism was found there too because Berger didn’t have much money. When he reaches his high school years things become even harder for him. Both blacks and whites go to the school, but most keep away from each other. He befriends a black boy and because of that most white kids don’t accept Berger or allow
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white lies - White Lies: Races and the Myths of Whiteness...

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