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Zagat - organizing everything properly For the third...

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Mr. Tim Zagat Zagat Surveys 10 Columbus Circle, New York, NY 10053 Dear Tim Zagat, For this Excel project the purpose was to learn some more advanced features in Microsoft Excel. The project had six parts to it and each part required a different exercise we learned in class. The first section started off easy because we just needed to put in formulas for the date. The second part of the first section just needed us to use a formula to find out where certain numbers would go. The second section just required plugging information into some tables and
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Unformatted text preview: organizing everything properly. For the third section all that was needed was to put some data into a summary sheet, but to make sure everything was in the right order. The fourth section was short and all that was needed was to input formulas so numbers knew where to go. The fifth section had a lot of data and charts were required and so was this letter. The sixth section is just to save everything in a zip folder. Overall this project was challenging, but I learned a great amount from it. Sincerely, Eli Manning...
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