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THE UNIVERSITY OF SYDNEY MATH2061 VECTOR CALCULUS Summer School Assignment 2010 INSTRUCTIONS This assignment is worth 10% of your assessment for this half of the MATH2061 course. The assignment is due at 4pm on Friday February 4 (to be collected at the end of the tutorial.) There is one question worth a total of 10 marks. Write your fully worked solutions IN PEN on A4 paper and staple them into a manilla
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Unformatted text preview: folder. You must also sign and attach the included Assignment Cover Sheet. QUESTIONS 1. Calculate the work done by the force eld F = 3 xy i + 5 y 2 j-3 yz k (i) along the path from (1 , , 0) to (0 , 1 , 0) (ii) along the path from (1 , , 0) to (1 , 1 , 0), then to (0 , 1 , 0) (iii) along the upper semicircle y = x 2-1 in the xy-plane (so z =0) (Question 1 is worth 10 marks) 1...
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