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Discussion: 1. Identify a website used for ordering a product or service and then identify the various entities. As an example, when you go to Amazon.com and review products, what are the various entities involved in this process? When you place a customer review or an order, what additional entities are involved? The website that I frequently order from is www.walmart.com . This particular website has plenty of products and services. I use this website for electronic, toys, and apparel for
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Unformatted text preview: my kids. When you go in to view products, the entities are the option to either search for a specific product, line of products, or type of product. When placing an order you can either sign in your account or continue to check-out. When placing an order, the additional entities involved are your name, address, phone number, product number, and quantity. Then once you have chosen your products it then asks for your payment type and it takes that information....
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