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Unit 1: It is amazing how rapidly database technology has evolved and how pervasive database use has become. Please identify a modern business in which databases are used and provide examples as to how these databases are used. For example, in healthcare, databases are used to track the typical human resource areas such as salaries and benefits, to track the patient from registration and include all patient activity during the visit or stay, to analyze activity at the hospital, and much more. For each of these areas different databases are used. According to Hoffer, Prescott and Topi, a database is an “organized collection of logically related data” (2009, pg.6). A business that would use a database is a car lot or rental car lot. The
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Unformatted text preview: car lot would use a database to keep up with different things such as: customer information, new/used/or trade in vehicle information, sales invoices, and optional dealer options, and sales personnel, etc. A rental car lot would have some similar information in their databases that of a car lot, but they may include: the rental date/time, mileage, destination, insurance information, how long you will rent the car, etc. Hoffer, Jeffery A. Prescott, Mary B. Topi, Heikki. Modern Database Management. Chapter 1: The Database Environment. 2009. Pearson Education Inc. Upper Saddle River, New Jersey, 07458....
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