Discussions[1] - Discussions INTRODUCTION 1 My name is Cierra Elyse Burton I live in Georgia I am currently expecting my 1st child I received my

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Discussions INTRODUCTION 1. My name is Cierra Elyse Burton. I live in Georgia. I am currently expecting my 1st child. I received my Bachelor's degree from Fort Valley State University. When I am not working or doing school work, I like to crochet. 2. My career goals are to get a job using the skills that I have learned from my years in school. 3. My expectations of this course are the same for all courses, to succeed and get an A. 4. I don't know. 5. Database technology is very dear to me. I really enjoy managing data that way. I enjoy the challenge of trying to create a database in Microsoft Access. UNIT 1 A business that would use a database would be like a car/RV lot. They would use the database to keep up with different things like: customer information, new/used/trade-in vehicle information, sales invoices, and optional dealer options, and sales personnel. I have done a project that would indicate different things a database like this would consist of. UNIT 2 The web site I chose was Lane Bryant. When you go in to view products, you have the option to either search for a specific product, line of products, or type of product. When placing an order, it asks for your name, address, phone number, product number, and quantity. Then once you have chosen your products it then asks for your payment type and it takes that information. UNIT 3 1. A data model, called the entity-relationship model, is proposed. This model incorporates some of the important semantic information about the real world. It is considered to be a set of basic objects (entities) and relationships among these objects. Examples include customers, products, employees, patients, or physicians. 2. Normalization is used to make sure that an entity is not repeated unnecessarily. It is used to effectively organize the database data. Normalization is important because for one it saves storage space. But it also allows your database to function much faster, because you do not have repeated entities that are not needed. Reference: Hoffer, J., Prescott, M., & Topi, H. (2009). Modern Database Management. New Jersey: Pearson Prentice Hall.
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UNIT 5 I would use Data Manipulation Language. Data manipulation language (DML) statements access and manipulate data in existing schema objects. These statements do not implicitly commit the current transaction. The data manipulation language statements are: CALL DELETE EXPLAIN PLAN INSERT LOCK TABLE MERGE SELECT UPDATE The SELECT statement is a limited form of DML statement in that it can only access data in
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Discussions[1] - Discussions INTRODUCTION 1 My name is Cierra Elyse Burton I live in Georgia I am currently expecting my 1st child I received my

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