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blue Energy Elevator Pitch (80 word limit) Over one billion people lack access to both clean water and electricity. This situation is particularly acute in Latin America, where it applies to roughly 75 million rural inhabitants. Using advances in micro wind power technology, blue Energy will produce and install micro wind turbines in local Latin American economies, thus creating jobs and economic activity. These turbines will generate low cost electricity off the grid and will provide electricity to power proven ultra-violet water purification technology. Business Concept blue Energy’s primary mission is to provide a low cost solution to the water and energy needs of underdeveloped communities in Latin America and Nicaragua in particular. Toward that end, the company will locally design and manufacture low-cost micro wind turbines and will form strategic partnerships with the water purification industry in order to create integrated wind-water systems. These systems will then be sold to individuals, communities, and small businesses through innovative micro-financing mechanisms. While the company’s wind platform will be manufactured from technology that is readily available, blue Energy will capitalize on its pooling of services, such as training, installation, and maintenance, as well as its strategic partnerships, to establish its position as a leader in the rural water purification and electrification markets. blue Energy plans to test and refine its product in Nicaragua where management has a strong political and manufacturing network. blue Energy will use this testing phase to hedge against technical risks, by collecting operational data on both turbines and water purification systems. Management believes that this approach will build a robust track record and will allow the company to leverage its goodwill into greater markets. Market/Customers It is estimated that two billion people still lack electricity today, causing energy demand in developing countries to double every eight years. Moreover, the share of total world energy demand by developing nations is projected to increase from 33% to 44% by 2025, with two-thirds of all energy growth projected to occur in new industrializing economies. According to the International Energy Agency, energy demand in Latin America is expected to double by 2020. Since 1990, almost US$30 billion in private capital alone has flowed into electricity projects within Latin America, and this trend is predicted to continue into the future. In addition, there is an on going effort by Latin American governments to invest and provide power to their citizens, to in turn promote economic growth. Management
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believes that the increase in demand, a nascent region for renewable energy sources, and an increase in private investments in foreign power projects will make Latin America a considerable market and lucrative venture for new energy systems.
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Developmental Entrepreneurship - blueEnergy Elevator...

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